Welcome to RL Storage Auctions

Welcome to RL Storage Auctions. We are a full service online storage auction company, dedicated to helping self-storage and moving and storage companies liquidate the contents of unpaid units and vaults, improving their profits while minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency.

Storage auctions have exploded in popularity ever since they became popular in the media. Yet, for many, that popularity has not come with an increase in profits. Instead, storage companies have experienced overwhelming crowds, theft, messes, and a host of other issues, making it more difficult to manage storage auctions than ever before.

Our Online Storage Auction Services

Based in California, RL Storage Auctions has created a unique system that allows you to sell storage units online while keeping you out of the mess. This has countless advantages for your storage company, including:

  • Auctions that reach potentially thousands of potential bidders.
  • No mess, cleanup, theft, or high traffic liabilities.
  • An efficient payment system that will sell units faster and for more money.

When you have liens against unpaid storage lockers and want to sell those lockers quickly, make the most from the auction, and reduce wear and damage to your storage property, contact RL Storage Auctions today. Call us at 916-747-7762, or browse our website to find out more about how it works and the benefits of switching to the online storage locker system.

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